The Dessert Gift Hamper

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The after Iftar dessert hamper - deluxe

For those with a sweet tooth or to share with the family. This beautiful gift set is bursting with all our sweet favourites. Lift the lid and discover a wide range of goodies for nibbling after iftar.


Strawberry Bon Bons in a Jar, 160g – Strawberry flavoured bon bons with a soft gooey centre.

Fizzy Lemon Sweets in a Jar, 160g- The perfect combination of candy sweetness and lemon tang. (Mojito Sweets in a Jar, 160g-have been discontinued and replaced with Fizzy Lemons).

Classic Clotted Cream Fudge, 150g. Deliciously creamy, with that crumbly-yet-soft texture that makes fudge so very moreish. Our fudge is individually wrapped which makes it perfect for sharing...should you want to.

Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate, 100g – A little sweet, a little salty.

Chilli Flaked Colombian Dark Chocolate, 100g – yes you read that right. Chocolate with chillies!

Chocolate coated Almonds –
nutty and full of protein to get you through those night time prayers.

Hot chocolate stirrers - one x milk chocolate, one x salted caramel fudge

All beautifully presented in a  large gift box, with hand tied bow.
As this item contains food items, it is non returnable/ refundable.