The After Iftar Dessert Wicker

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The After Iftar Dessert wicker

For a jaw dropping Ramadan gift, we introduce the After Iftar Dessert wicker hamper. The most indulgent Ramadan Iftar Hamper yet. For those with a sweet tooth or to share with the family. This beautiful gift set is bursting with all our sweet favourites. Lift the lid and discover a wide range of goodies for nibbling after iftar.


Mojito Sweets in a Jar, 160g -Mocktail Mojito flavoured hard boiled sweets. Non-alcoholic obviously!

Fizzy Lemon Sweets in a Jar, 160g -The perfect combination of candy sweetness and lemon tang.

Strawberry Bon Bons in a Jar, 160g – Strawberry flavoured bon bons with a soft gooey centre.

Classic Clotted Cream Fudge, 150g. Deliciously creamy, with that crumbly-yet-soft texture that makes fudge so very moreish. Our fudge is individually wrapped which makes it perfect for sharing...should you want to.

Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate, 100g – A little sweet, a little salty.

Chilli Flaked Colombian Dark Chocolate, 100g – yes you read that right. Chocolate with chillies!

Hazelnut Chocolate, 100g - nutty and tasty.

Chocolate coated Almonds – nutty and full of protein to get you through those night time prayers.

Chocolate coated dates – A mixed selection of 12 pieces of premium quality chocolate coated dates, with creamy, fleshy, mildly sweet and chewy fillings of: Pistachio, Feuilletine, Rose and Orange Peel which make dates more delicious and tasty. Contains nuts.

Hot chocolate stirrers -
two x milk chocolate, two x salted caramel fudge

All beautifully presented in our signature black wicker basket. (Which can be reused once all the goodies are finished).
As this item contains food items, it is non returnable/ refundable.