The Celebration Hamper

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Leave them feeling spoilt for choice with our bursting Celebration Hamper. Full to the brim with Halal sweets, chocolates, biscuits and fudge. Perfect for any (Nikkah, Umrah, Baby) 'Mubarak' moments.


Classic Clotted Cream Fudge, 150g- Deliciously creamy, with that crumbly-yet-soft texture that makes fudge so very moreish. Our fudge is individually wrapped which makes it perfect for sharing...should you want to.

Chocolate Chip & Orange infused Biscuits, 200g - Great with tea or as a standalone nibble.

Mojito Sweets in a jar, 160g- It will feel like summer everyday with our non - alcoholic mojito flavoured hard boiled sweets.

Fizzy lemon sweets in a jar, 160g - The perfect combination of candy sweetness and lemon tang.

4 different falvours of Colombian Chocolate -
Strawberry Raspberry cream white chocolate, 100g
Salted Hazelnut in Dark Chocolate,100g
Salted Hazelnut in Dark Chocolate,100g.
Chilli Flaked Colombian Dark Chocolate, 100g.
Yes, chilli chocolate, which is sure to get everyone talking.

All beautifully presented in an extra large gift box, with hand tied bow.

As this item contains food items, it is non returnable/ refundable.