Top 5 jaw dropping Ramadan Gifts & Hampers 2021

Luxury Ramadan Hampers

Editor’s pick - Top 5 jaw dropping Ramadan Gifts

For 2 billion Muslims around the world, Ramadan is fast approaching. Having spent the previous Ramadan and Eid during the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, many Muslims are finding new ways of celebrating with loved ones from afar.

Ibadah London is an award winning faith based gifting brand, specialising in handmade artisan gifting. Their modern luxury hampers have had a game-changing makeover in style and taste and there are now options to suit every tastebud and time of day. As Muslims observe fasting from Dawn till Dusk over the 30 days of Ramadan, which falls during April – May 2021.

From the early dawn breakfast baskets to the after iftar dessert wicker– you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing just one of their halal hampers. The range even extends to a complete wicker full of spiritual gifts for a Ramadan in spiritual solitude.

  1. For those with the sweetest tooth

A perfect Halal wicker full of the tastiest after iftar treats. (Iftar is the after sunset meal, to signify the breaking of the fast). From indulgent chocolate coated dates to salted caramel hot chocolate stirrers, there is a different treat for every iftar of the week.

  1. For the early risers

Many Muslims stay awake from iftar until suhoor (the breakfast meal before fasting) to perform their night prayers. With the Ibadah London suhoor hamper even breakfast will be a treat. With a mix of spiced tea, chutney and biscuits, there are both sweet and savoury delicacies.

  1. For those looking for something different

Surprise a loved one with the Arabian breakfast gift set. Includes camel milk cookies and a jar of spiced Arabic coffee, which can be poured in to the hand painted ceramic mug, which has been curated in Palestine. Now that is different.

  1. For the whole family

The Eid Day celebration wicker. Nothing says ‘Eid Mubarak’ more, than this show stopper of a gift for the whole family to enjoy. Includes all the your favourite niceties such as chocolate dates, Arabic coffee, Turkish delight and so much more.

  1. For a spiritual retreat

The Sunnah hamper will surely get everyone into the Ramadan spirit, and is prefect for those observing itikhaf. The hamper is filled with everything one would need for a Ramadan filled with spiritual reflection.