Personalised items: Deadline for personalised Eid orders: Mon 20th July

About Us

اَلسَّلامُ عَلَيْكُم

Welcome to Ibadah London.‎

The problem nowadays, is not about buying a gift but buying a practical and Islamic gift for modern Muslims which still has that wow factor. I guess you can also relate with this, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

The short story: That is what we do. We provide beautifully handmade Islamic gifts -which are not available on the high street- for all your gift giving occasions: new homes, aqiqahs, weddings, Umrah and of course Ramadan and Eid to name a few.

The long story: Having left a demanding career to be a stay at home mum in 2015, I was not used to all the free time, if you can even call it 'free' with all the challenges of being a first time mum.  After dabbling in henna design and baking (more like burning), I found my passion in gift making.

What originally started off as embroidery gift making for friends and family, quickly turned in to a whole range of personalised Islamic lifestyle gifts. We currently have over 50 products and are constantly adding more. Hearts, souls and sleepless nights are poured in to every single one of the gifts we make.

Our business really took off when I joined social media, to spy on my brother for my mum. Some of our biggest supporters include spoken word poet @Hussains_house and nasheed artist @officialharrisj

After a short break to have baby number 2, the business was rebranded to further reflect our modern, minimalist and professional look. Thus, Ibadah London was reborn.

InshAllah for 2019 we have a whole new range of products to release! We want to be the one stop Islamic shop for all your gift giving needs InshAllah.

We are also looking for stockists. If you have a retail store or online presence and feel you fit with our brand please contact us.

Jazak Allah,

Founder, Ibadah London