Black Oud Luxury Reed Diffuser

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Black Oud Luxury Reed Diffuser

Transform the ambience of any room with power and mystery, all day long.

The fragrance Black Oud is named after the colour black, symbolic of mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication, beautifully combined with the precious oud wood. A masculine fragrance that arouses curiosity and invites you on an aromatic journey from East to West.

Powerful and mysterious, Black Oud is a fragrance full of depth. With light top notes of zesty lemon, cardamon and saffron on a bed of oriental-woody oud, cedarwood and leather with a touch of vanilla.

This captivating fragrance will transform any room with its powerful identity  in to the oriental streets of Ancient Arabia. It is the second scent in the Ibadah London family of precious Ouds.

  • Includes-  100ml Reed diffuser and 8 natural fibre reed sticks.

To use – place the natural reeds within the oil and arrange to form an appealing display. The reeds will absorb and diffuse the oil in to the air to fill your room with a luxurious aroma.

Packaged in our exclusively designed Arabic calligraphy packaging. With black foil detailing.