The Suhoor Breakfast Hamper

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The Suhoor Breakfast Hamper

Send them a gift that they will enjoy each suhoor, with our indulgent Ramadan Breakfast Hamper.

Premium blend tea - Begin the day with our very own Premium Blend Tea, 25 bags. Our tea is a rich and strong blend, of the finest quality tea from Kenya. Perfect full bodied flavour to get through a day of fasting.

Summer blossom honey - Add a spoon of our very own, summer blossom honey, 114g. Golden honey with a smooth, deep flavour. (Not suitable for infants under 12 months). The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, "Healing is in three things: A gulp of honey, cupping, and branding with fire. But I forbid my followers to use branding with fire." Sahih al-Bukhari: 5680.

Sweet chilli oat biscuits, 170g – Enjoy our buttery oat savoury biscuits infused with sweet chilli flavouring. Crunchy, crumbly and so delicious.

Sundried Tomato with Garlic Chutney, 90g -  Surprisingly dippable and spreadable with everything.

Chocolate Chip & Orange infused Biscuits, 200g – Great to dip in tea or as a standalone nibble.

Finish off with something sweet (and high in protein), with our delicious honey and oat biscuits, 200g.

All beautifully presented in an extra-large gift box, with hand tied bow.
As this item contains food items, it is non returnable/ refundable.