DIY Diamond Painting Art Kit - Blue Mosque

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volume 1 - Islamic landscapes.

This kit contains a Blue Mosque, Turkey design.

Now everyone can be an artist, with our brand new and exclusive Do It Yourself Diamond Art Kits.

Based loosely on the idea of paint by numbers, each kit contains an adhesive picture frame, all the tools and diamonds needed to make a stunning piece of art. Hang it on your wall or gift is as a gift! It is a highly addictive hobby whilst being really relaxing at the same time!

How it works:

Each kit has an adhesive picture frame. The picture has a series of numbers, letters or symbols that match up to a bag containing the relevant colour diamonds. Using our special dipping tool and adhesive wax, stick the diamonds on to the frame and create a dazzling masterpiece!


Each kit contains everything needed to make one frame.
Frame size approx. 20x30cm
Contains small parts/ choking hazard.
Suitable for ages 8+
Time taken to complete varies from person to person. Can take between a few hours - to days.
All artwork is created and owned by the Ibadah London design team and is subject to copyright.

  • We are the first curators of a diamond painting, inspired by Islamic designs.
  • Our kit comes on a premounted frame, not a rolled up sheet. This makes it easier to do, and enables you to hang or give as a gift straight away.
  • Our artwork is our own, designed and created by the Ibadah London Design team. 
  • Our kits are dispatched from the UK (not overseas). Making delivery times extra quick.
  • If the plastic seal is broken - this item will not be refundable.