Medina Rose & Black Oud Luxury Reed Diffuse

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Medina Rose and Black Oud Luxury Reed Diffuser

Transform the ambience of any room with luxury and opulence, all day long.

Powerful yet soft, Medina Rose and Black Oud is a fragrance full of contrasts. With top floral notes of rich rose, wild germanium and light jasmine, resting on a bed of black oud and creamy sandalwood with a hint of musk, vanilla and raspberry.

This iconic fragrance is made of high quality refined oils that will transform the ambience of any room with luxury and opulence, into royal gardens of Ancient Arabia. It is an uncompromising fragrance that highlights its oud wood force with the spicy, decisive character of the Arabian rose. It is the first and best selling scents of the Ibadah London family of precious Ouds with a floral signature.

  • Includes-  100ml Reed diffuser and 8 natural fibre reed sticks.

To use – place the natural reeds within the oil and arrange to form an appealing display. The reeds will absorb and diffuse the oil in to the air to fill your room with a luxurious aroma.

Packaged in our exclusively designed Medina rose arabesque packaging. With gold foil detailing.