Reflections of the Quran Journal
Reflections of the Quran Journal
Reflections of the Quran Journal

Reflections of the Quran Journal

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Reflections of the Quran

Introducing Reflections of the Quran, the ultimate journal crafted for Muslims seeking a profound connection with the Holy Quran.

Key Features:

For all the surahs of the Holy Quran

Double-Page Layout: Each surah is thoughtfully presented across a double-page spread, providing generous space for your personal reflections, Arabic transcription, English translations, insightful Tafsir interpretations, and heartfelt Duas.

Tafsir and Action Plan: Gain deeper insights into the meanings of Quranic verses with included Tafsir sections, while the integrated action plan empowers you to apply these teachings in your daily life.

Cherished Ayahs Space: Capture and cherish your most beloved verses with dedicated sections to record and reflect upon the ayahs that resonate deeply within your heart.

Bonus Pages: additional pages tailored for extra notes, special prayers, or extended reflections, ensuring you have ample space for your spiritual exploration.

Neutral colour palette:  Allowing you to decorate and make it your own.

Ideal for personal contemplation, study groups, or as a meaningful gift for those seeking a more profound understanding of the Quran's wisdom.

Size: approx 21 x 15cm
Pages: 258

With Satin Ribbon Bookmark